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Default Re: Your all time favorite album

Howard Roberts - Antelope Freeway
1971 - Impulse
Selections: Antelope Freeway (H.Roberts-Michel-Szymczyk), That's America Fer Ya (H. Roberts), Dark Ominous Clouds (H. Roberts), De Blooz (H. Roberts), Sixteen Track Fireman (H.Roberts), The Ballad Of Fazzio Needlepoint (H. Roberts-Garofalo), Five Gallons Of Astral Flash Could Keep You Up For Thirteen Weeks (H. Roberts-Szymczyk), Santa Clara River Bottom (H. Roberts), Roadwork (H. Roberts).
Personnel: keyboards - Pete Robinson, Larry Knechtel, Mike Wofford, violon - Bobby Bruce, guitar - Mike Deasy, Howard Roberts, electric bass - Brian Garofalo, Max Bennett, drums - Bob Marin, John Guerin.
Session: Los Angeles, December 17, 1970 and March, 18,23, 1971.
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