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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

This thread has long been full of rave review and congrats of your ability and your DVD, and now I know why. Todd, what can I say… or what can anyone say that’ll explain or somehow communicate the quality of your DVD, ‘Methods and Mechanics’? Guys and dolls, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you haven’t yet, and if you’ve been procrastinating and pinching pennies and whining about the economy and how its got tough to find a gig and you’ve no more dough in your pockets… buck it up dude! Panhandle on the nearest corner, go out and sell yourself, hell… sell your sister, or do whatever it takes and go buy this DVD (ya’ can’t steal it cuz its only available on the internet… I think). After a five hour trip through the life and thoughts of this tender and fantastically talented musician, Todd Sucherman, I’m sure you’ll likely consider tossen’ the skins out the back door and instead take up the Kazoo. But don’t let this mans talent scare ya’ man. His insane humor and implausible and hard to believe ability will drive you crazy and make you wanna’ play, play, play til’ the cows come home. Not to over state my enthusiasm, but honest to God Todd… nice job man!
However I’ve one question. Where’s the PDF that’s part of the DVD? I’ve gone through the set a couple of times and haven’t found it. I’m hoping to find there transcriptions of the compound sticking exercises showing examples of how they might be strung together. I’m slow to pick up on some of this and the visual transcriptions always help me understand the timing better – how to get in and when to get out. Boy, so many grooves, so many chops… and seemingly so little time. Thanks for putting your time in this project that’ll give anyone, at any level of playing, something to strive for and long remember.
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