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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by mugglesport View Post
I'm building up a new jazz kit from the ground up. I'm looking for two things:

1: a way to get some top notch cymbals (hats and a ride) at the best bang-for-buck
2: a ride that is very versatile, providing a definitive sound with nice wash and a nice crashability (for a ride) for use in acoustic jazz.

Does Agop fit both of these categories? If so, what models/sizes should I specifically be looking for? So far, I've the closest I've come is 20" Zildjian K Customs of various sorts...but I'd like to find something a little more affordable (and maybe something I can find used).

Lots to choose from from Agop to fit the bill.

Check over the extensive sound files at, The Cymbal Shop and Heartbeat Percussion in regards to various Istanbul Agop rides suited for jazz and see what tickles your fancy :}

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