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Default Re: CD cheap Vinyl expensive.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
It was asked in jest from the point that it was ironic shopping for music and seeing vinyl at Best Buy for $20.00 while I've been finding $5 CD's, 50% off CD's at Virgin and 3 for $10 in clearance bins. For people who have come to like CD's, this is a feast.

I think it is somewhat silly that folks are now paying $20.00 for vinyl, esp when it is recorded in digital format. Technolgy is funny. It needs to continually change to keep the market moving. I never needed to repurchase all my music on CD, and now I am not going to repurchase all my DVD's on Blue Ray. Remember Laser Discs? I sold mine for a good buck about six months before DVD's came out.

I do not like downloads. The compression sounds like you are listening to music in a box. It is nice to know that there is a new technology that will allow for high quality, non-compressed downloads. I can see that this is moving forward because quality downloads was the hinderance to the elimination of the CD. But I still don't know that I want to listen to music through my PC, and take it on the run to listening parties.
Yeah well i guess tastes change, i mean 50 years ago everyone wanted to live in a "new" style house and people would put wood veneers over their victorian wood doors and get rid of fireplaces to put electric or gas heaters in to make it more "modern". Nowdays people spend tons of money on "period features" that the people before them had spent time taking out.

So things change, first they are the standard or required technology, then they become replaced by something new and are seen as "obsolete", such was the case when CDs actually first came out for most people, then if something is actually any good, it goes back into fasion again and they become higher in value as more people start to use it again. We're starting to see "phase 2" for CDs, where they become seen as obsolete as there are more accurate/higher quality formats and more convinent formats too but maybe they will come back into vogue again one day (then again perhaps not ;))

As for listening to music on your pc, you can plug your hifi into a computer and it's pretty much just like listening to a cd player but with your entire song collection on one album. You can actually buy pcs these days that are like specialised media players.
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