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I agree with some one said earlier, yes, keith showed that a drum kit can be used more than time keeping. However that kind of drumming seems to work only with Townshend and enwhistle or that particular type of music. May be thats why we dont see any Keith Moon type drummers anywhere.
Even this site has videos of several drummers doing all kinds of theatrical chops etc..... all seems the same to me...excellent..... but I have never seen any drummer like to watch him play along.

Him and Charley Watts are perfect examples that we can hit high ground without even learning how to read music or taking drum lessons.

Keith Moon's unsteady drumming and Charley watts' simple steady playing with occasional rolls seem brilliant to me. I am following Charley, which seems simple, being a fan of simple strokes with smaller kit.

If moon were alive, he would have showed the world how to drum for their song "Eminence Front" in which Kenny plays steady!!
"Trying Keith Moon approach with Charley Watts's modest mind set "

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