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Default Re: CD cheap Vinyl expensive.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
So am I to assume that within the next year CD's are out, vinyl is the new HD and I should get a new needle for my technics record player?
Originally Posted by Billy Brown View Post
There has been a ton written on mp3 vs. vinyl vs. CD lately. The forecast is good-bye CD. Vinyl for spendy hipsters; mp3 for everyone else.
Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Actually, they've been forecasting this for about ten years. But when you think about it, most music technolgies have only had about a twenty-five year life. Cd's were new and convenient. Now mp3 fills that void. But I can't see them fading away any time soon.
So you asked the original question in jest? I'm confused.

It seems to me that restrictionless mp3s from iTunes is a sign of planned obsolescence for CDs.
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