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Default Re: Brooks Wackerman

Originally Posted by mikeybbdrummin View Post
Actually I am not familiar w/any of his stuff in the last 15 years. But I actually have a tape of the band he was in at 15 years old which was Bad 4 Good. It was in 1991. A band Steve Vai put together. The guitar player was a 13 year old (student of Steves I believe) the bass player was 14 and the singer was 16 and was the redheaded kid Sam from Different Strokes (an 80's show) and in Terminator 2. It was a very good band. Great players for their age.......or any age really. Brooks' drumming at 15 was pretty damn good. Spot on. Must be a Wackerman trait. I saw them open for Joe Satriani in 1991. Anybody familiar w/this at all?

I am familiar with Bad4good...too hair metally for me. By 1991 I was sick of the hair spray and puckered up lips. But as you said, as players they were outstanding for their age, but that's all the praise Ill grugingly give that Steve Vai concoction.

Brooks today is sensational. He's sat in for Josh Freese of the Vandals, who is one bad azz mofo drummer.

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