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Default Re: Mike "Machine" Mallais here!

Originally Posted by Mike Machine View Post
I wish everyone who is interested in WFD the best... the bar(s) are set so high now...if you're going to get in... GET IN NOW before its literally impossible to go any faster without a new product or method.

I support everyone who gives TRUE effort.

I agree Mike. Although I'm pretty much done with that part of my life, I will always have nothing but good feelings for the way it taught me a lot of things, especially about the business itself. With the way the music business doesn't have so many of those entry level pro bands any more to get you out there, I found that WFD helped with that immensely. And Boo McAfee and Craig Alan are good, honest guys worthy of loyalty and support. I also don't think people have to take as much heat for being involved like used to happen. Besides the general public never cared about all that anyway.

I got the world record I was after, and acheived my goal. I support anyone willing to take the next step, and I wish them good luck.
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