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Default Re: CD cheap Vinyl expensive.

Originally Posted by Billy Brown View Post
There has been a ton written on mp3 vs. vinyl vs. CD lately. The forecast is good-bye CD. Vinyl for spendy hipsters; mp3 for everyone else.,00.html
Actually, they've been forecasting this for about ten years. But when you think about it, most music technolgies have only had about a twenty-five year life. Cd's were new and convenient. Now mp3 fills that void. But I can't see them fading away any time soon. I've got about 3,000 CD's. The production vs. cost factor for Cd's has always been a big sell. You can get a good sound out of a system for $700 bucks; whereas with vinyl, you would spend several thousand. They had those laser phonographs for a short time before vinyl faded. I heard that they are at the Smithsonian. That was a good idea.

I find that the downloads often deteriorate, and I am not ready to spend my prcious album $$$ on something I can't see. :)
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