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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
The write up on you and China Ranch on MD's site was a good read.

A few questions:
1) RE: the MD piece, how much theory do you know? Do you actively use it in your drum playing? If so, how?
2) Can you talk a little more about your writing process?
3) What's "Good Foot" going to be about exactly? I saw the pre-order on
4 ) Would you your "Jazz Time" Mel Bay book is a good intro to jazz drumming?
thanks EKIM. I have played more rock than anything else and i consider myself a rock drummer. China Ranch was more about me as a composer than me as a drummer, weird as that may sound to some. I was more focused on the creative process and song writing than the drumming aspect. The next record will probably have more tunes like China Ranch and Furnace Creek..will see how it wants to go.

I only have time for a couple of these questions.

4. "Jazz Time" is a level 1 jazz book with a lot of really simple exercises. I think it is perfect for someone who doesn't know anything about jazz drumming and wants to test the waters. I would recomend the help of a good teacher as well.

3. The Good Foot is for developing single bass drum technique. All the exercises are practical and very usable. It never sold well even though it made the short list in MD readers poll a few years back. There has been renewed interest and mel Bay is bringing it back in print. The release date keeps getting changed though..not quite sure why.

The other questions require some time and i am short on that at the moment...I'll be back.
Thanks EKIM! and thanks Bernard for all the hard work you put into this great site.