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Originally Posted by Mike Machine View Post
Tim... I hoped you would stop putting WFD beneath you as its done more for you than ANYthing else you've done MUSICALLY.

Also... I also try to have some sympathy for you because without you I wouldnt have felt so confident going into the WFD competitions... but please... please please please STOP filling the internet with FALSE facts... you don't have to support WFD anymore... but you do NOT have a certifacate for 1057 single strokes from WFD... and are no longer the Foot Single Stroke World Champion.

I'd like to close this post saying that Tim... you're a great guy...and a good drummer... but I still cherish what WFD has done/does for me and won't turn my back to this kind of drama.

Mike there is NO drama.Relax
I have a letter from BOO authorizing the use of the WFD logo on my dvd for the 1057 in singles.i made sure I got written permission before I added the WFD logo
Who cares anyways I just did the 1057 for the DVD
FYI the 1057 was done in 2006

there are so many guys comming up running over 1000 1100 will be there soon..
Chris Thorpe and JADE are both running over the 1034 you did and i believe there is another drummer running over 1060 as well.
God Bless
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