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Default Re: Show your tattoos

I only have two tattoo's so far but i am getting more in my future. The ace of spades one is located on my left calf and the treble clef/bass clef is located on my inner right fore arm. The treble/ bass clef is obviously representing my love for music and my appreciation for the art and the talent and soul that goes into every piece of music i play as well as others music. It will be soon turning into a sleve. And the ace of spades represents a few things. One is my family, it represents my family because we love playing cards together and always have an amazing time doing it. It also is ironic considering the ace of spades is the death card and i have something that represents death on my body. It also represents my love of the darker and more evil things in life. In my future i am getting a drumset on my back, plus a tattoo on my foot that represents my sister.
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