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Originally Posted by Bttl
I hear you all talking about flo but there has not been one reason why he is a better drummer. Sure flo is a fast drummer but thats not what makes a drummer. Joey is creative with his double pedal work and does not just try and go as fast as he can for like the whole song. Just take a look at and look at his drum video sample and then tell me he is better than Joey, in my oppinion it is one of the worst solos i have seen. On the subject of solos why does everyone judge Joey by his disasterpieces solo, actually take some time to listen to his playing closely. I used to think Joey was an average drummer untill i actually listened closely to his playing and then he blew me away.

Someone also said about his jazz style. Listen to Slipknots Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat album. Tracks such as Do Nothing/Bitchslap and Confessions have jazzys styles.

Stop knocking the guy and actually give him a propper listen with an open mind. Also joey is not my favourite drummer so dont start going on about how i am just another joey wannabee or something

I used to be a cryptopsy fan so give Flo a listen for yourself, sure he is fast be in my oppinion he lacks the technical ability of alot of drummers out there.

Actually, Flo has alot of technical ability. But you make a good point that Joey is very underrated drummer because people know he is in Slipknot. I do find alot of Slipknot's drumming repetitive, but Joey's work out side of Slipknot is where he shines. He filled in for Frost (no easy job) on Satryicon's Volcano tour. Plus he is going to fill in as drummer on Ministry's next tour. But his work on Roadrunner United shows how talented and diverse Joey is.
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