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I always loved vinyl as well. I actually sold all my records from when I was a kid for tuition back in college. And then in that late 80's, I bought them all back for a buck or two. I guess that was a good business move. :) For listening to classical music the cd is definitely preferred. But I guess it will be shortly phased out for popular and rock recordings; but I wonder if audiophiles will keep buying vinyl. It seems silly now that the recordings are digital to begin with.

Love your tabla. One of my students parents just bought me some Zakir Hussain CDs for Christmas. (I traded them in for the vinyl though.)
The recordings may be digital to start with, but that doesn't mean that the vinyl won't impart its own quality onto that recording. I think the CD format is starting to show its age and has been for some time. Ironically, Mp3 has actually saved it by being an even lower quality encoding, so the people who are buying Mp3 and CD don't really hear the highest-quality recordings. DVD might change this though. The quality of the mastering on some DVD's (The Incredibles comes to mind) is just phenomenal and sooner or later, the consumer is going to take note. 5.1 surround sound has been a viable option for years now and yet it has a relatively small uptake - probably due to practical considerations - but with the next generation of media formats coming to the fore, I can see the CD slowly dying as a means of distribution; partly due to the convenience of Mp3 and partly due to the quality of DVD. CD takes the middle ground there and might be squeezed out.
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