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michael drums
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Default Re: The Real Football Thread


The Ravens looked GREAT! The Cards surprised everybody by edging the Falcons. The Chargers got by with Sproles. And the Eagles just got the game handed to 'em.

The Ravens defense stepped it up...AGAIN. Ed Reed is just the best defender in the game...PERIOD! And Joe Flacco is so poised. The man's got heart, I tell ya. He's certainly doesn't look like a rookie QB, does he? I really hope they beat the Titans. They should.

The Cardinals looked like a beaten team early, but really came on down the stretch. I've always liked Kurt Warner, and it's good to see him playing well. Matt Ryan looked like a rookie in this game. Not like he did during the regular season.

The Colts just played horrible, IMO. First of all, they never established a running game. As great as Peyton Manning is, he's predictable when Addai doesn't get the ball enough, and run well. And they're defense couldn't stop the run, or the Chargers on 3rd and long. A lackluster performance by the Colts. But you gotta give credit to the Chargers. Rivers played a smart game, and Sproles played a fabulous one. 328 all-purpose yards? WOW!! Well Done SD.

I thought the Vikings were in the game the whole time until the second half, when they just went flat. It's was anyone's game up until then, but the Eagles wanted to win it more down the stretch. As much as I am NOT a McNabb fan, he was strong at the end. And the Eagles defense poured it on. The Vikings needed a little more from Peterson in this game.
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