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Default Re: CD cheap Vinyl expensive.

Putting it simply, the production of vinyl is more expensive because of:

i) The materials (although this has drastically gone down since the price of crude plummeted).


ii) The production. Not that the process is any harder or more arduous than CD production, it's that the runs of Vinyl are shorter than of CD because of a lack of demand and therefore the mass-manufacturing possibilities are not there. The price per unit is increased drastically as a result.

Buying second hand vinyl, I seem to find that the price is roughly the same as CD - new ones at least. There's also markup on collector value as well, so if I were to go out and find a copy of 'Freak Out!' by Frank Zappa and the Mothers, it would likely cost me a tidy sum as that record is hard to come by in both CD and Vinyl formats (believe me, I've tried) whereas something like 'Dark Side of the Moon' in a playable condition isn't an expensive record as there are so many made.

I love vinyl, I absolutely do. But when taking into account the practical advantages of CD, I've had to leave my turntable at home whilst I'm at Uni. Possibly buying a USB turntable in a month or two...
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