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Default Re: Frank Briggs Here!

Got the CD around X-Mas, but I like to sit and listen to a new CD start to finish without interruptions. So I just got around to that today.

Track by track:
1 Fun intro tune. Very nice bass solo.
2 Love the flickering of the ride in the intro, launching into the hanging-back feel. Nice guitar solos too. Great drum solo part. The fast, soft playing is subtle but sweet.
3 Another good-feeling tune. Another nice bass solo by Mr. Fierabracci.
4 I didn't think I'd like this one after hearing the techno-esque opening. But I like the urgency in the drum part after they come in as well as how the whole band's intensity picks up in the chorus. The guitar lead line is very vocal-ish. I really like some of the guitar chords too. At least one sounds sort of modal to me.
5 Heavier feel in this tune. Rocking! I really, really like your fills with the low toms towards the ending.
6 Fun drum intro! The main drum part is very nicely busy. It keeps my ears going trying to hear all that's going on. Pieces like this one are fun to listen to.
7 Sweet bass harmonics in the intro! More fun busy but soft parts in the middle. Nice acoustic guitar outro.
8 Ahhhhh... a shuffle. I love shuffles. I can see this becoming one of my favorite practice tunes.
9 Funky up-tempo tune. Great guitar wailing.
10 Nice drum feel changes. Nice latin breakdown. More great low tom fills. Those are just so well done. Nice fills to finish the CD up.

Overall, a very good CD. Great drum sounds throughout. From the bass drum to the ride, good clear production on the drums. The production throughout is very good.

Always good to see a drummer writing his own tunes too.

My only suggestion would be MORE HEAVY STUFF! You sound killer rocking out on track 5.

The write up on you and China Ranch on MD's site was a good read.

A few questions:
1) RE: the MD piece, how much theory do you know? Do you actively use it in your drum playing? If so, how?
2) Can you talk a little more about your writing process?
3) What's "Good Foot" going to be about exactly? I saw the pre-order on
4 ) Would you your "Jazz Time" Mel Bay book is a good intro to jazz drumming?

Thank you so much for your kind gift. Best wishes to you.