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Hey Pat,
First of all this is Michael from the UCNP lessons. I'm really digging the New Orleans second line roots grooves you've got me working on. You do a great job tracing the history of grooves back to their origins and I'm having a blast becoming familiar with it all.

Second - I've got a couple questions here for you (or everyone) that may benefit us to get some insight into. I was watching a Tommy Igoe video and he was recommending using your imagination to picture particular atmospheric contexts while you play to influence the feel of the groove. For example, I think he was talking about the bossa nova, and he said when he pictures himself at the beach and really gets into the beach vibe it manifests in his drumming as the proper feel for that particular groove. Do you use visual imagery to influence your feel, or do you just feel it, plain and simple? Question 2: I have heard other drummers mention the importance of breathing mindfully, or even in time with the beat, as a way to facilitate I guess both keeping correct time and really getting into the feel of the groove. How important is syncing breath with the tempo to you? Or do you even think about it when you play?

Thanks for your input; see you soon.
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