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Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Yes, as I've delved into "Uncle Charlie" kit history a bit more, seems like he started out on Premiers (like most UK drummers), but jumped to Ludwigs as soon as he could. Had a Black Ludwig kit, and a Black Diamond Pearl kit. And picked up Gretsch, like PW states, 66-67. That makes his Gretsch kit already 10 years old when he got it.
I've read that Charlie switched to Gretsch in 1968 . Take a look at the cover of GET YOUR YA YAS OUT and you'll see him carrying a black Gretsch bass drum . He played this black kit for a few years before latching onto the natural maple 50's set he has been playing for years now . This kit was appropriated from S.I.R. recording studio in NYC in the 70's sometime . Apparently he was there for some recording , fell in love the sound of it , and made the studio an offer it couldn't refuse .
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