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Default "Legs" Larry Smith

Early this morning, it occurred to me that there was no mention anywhere on here of the great "Legs" Larry Smith, of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band! This might be because no-one's heard of him or them, but in that case, here's a thread for him and them!

They (the Bonzos) were/are all fine musicians, but I imagine the comedy aspects of their music meant that they weren't judged so much on the basis of their musicianship.

For those of you needing an introduction to the band...

I'm The Urban Spaceman - A live version of their most famous song, plus two others

Canyons Of Your Mind - Featuring the greatest guitar solo ever (in colour!). They're miming in this one, without too much concern for realism.

'Canyons' again, but agonisingly live! Followed by 'Trouser Press'

That should do for a start. The last one is by far the best, so if you only watch one of them, make it that one!

There, that should do for a start.
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