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Default Re: Whats new about your New Year?

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
That was absolutely the most amazing experience I ever had besides getting my pilots license. We jumped from 15,000 ft and it was damn cold too.. lol. The hardest part is right at the point where your ready to jump and you look outside and down... holy crap, thats a long way down. You nearly see your life flash before your eyes.

It's worth every penny. Just make sure you go to company that films it too.
Cory, that's 3 out of 3 for us. Drums, golf, and skydiving. We should hang out! The 1st time I jumped ( 10,000 ft ), with a mad irishman, we had a serious debate afterwards whether skydiving was actually better than sex. We, in all seriousness concluded that it was. Man, hanging on to the wing strut of a lil' Cessna with 40 pounds of chute on your back and then letting go... Crazy glue secreting out of the palms of my hand... Then my static line opening up the canopy... The silence.. The blue sky...the wind flapping the air cells, floating.. Flying... Free...

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