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Hahaha that's what my friends keep telling me, but I find them way too pretentious. And "out there" I guess...
It depends on the KC you've listened to. I can understand ITCOTCK being seen as 'pretentious' - parts of it are - but something like Larks' Tongues in Aspic I can't really see it like that. I suppose it is very esoteric and difficult music; but I've been a fan since I was thirteen or fourteen, so I don't really see it that way. Really it's a case of familiarity with the material; when I first started learning guitar I attempted learning a number of KC compositions (ones that I generally knew on the drums already) with very mixed results; but once you break the shell of the music it really isn't all that hard at all.

I can completely understand somebody not liking them. I really can. It's hard music and it can be pretentious at times - but their 73-75 stuff I can't see that way, and a few other albums I can't either. They have had some pretty poor albums, so understood there!
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