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Originally Posted by bosun View Post
I have just come across your forum and read that sadly Terry is no longer active, and I would like to share a story of Terry down under during the great Brothers in Arms tour I was the trucking manager for the tour of Aus and NZ .
Many records were set on the tour for numbers of concerts and venues visited. For those familiar with Aus tours it was unprecedented for a major tour to include Tasmania, 3 North Qld venues, and Darwin on the tour.
My story re Terry comes from an outdoor concert in Cairns during a massive tropical rainstorm, many bands would not have even performed in the conditions, the guitarists near the front of stage finished up without shirts as they were drenched, anyway a little over half way through the concert there was concern re the weight of water accumulating on the roof, and the decision was made for the roofing contractor to send guys up top to attempt to release some water, which they did unfortunately through the join in the skin not over the edges, and the end result was numerous gallons falling over Terry and his kit I will never forget the look on his face but to my and many other peoples amazement he did not miss a beat playing on throughout to complete not only the number but the rest of the show.
Whatever Terry is doing I wish him well
The mark of a true pro, lol. I don't know him but I would have loved to see that. I saw a giant, plastic light fixture fall on terry bozzio's head during a clinic once, he kept going as the thing slid down his rack and off behind him never missing a beat.

I can't imagine having a waterfall coming down on you unexpectadly though... too funny.

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