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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hi Todd,

Season's greetings.

Your DVD arrived in the post and went down well with the Xmas turkey!

A tour de force of drumming, which made me wonder what the hell I'd been doing for the last three decades on the drum kit!

Here in England, what we normally do is get a drum kit as kids and start thrashing away, missing out on the theory side that many of you guys get in the US.

That's probably why since the pioneering days of Ringo, Moon and Bonham etc in the 60s/70s, most of the leading players are now from the US or Europe.

Anyway, there's a mountain of stuff for me to learn from the on the DVD.

Applying rudiments to the kit, the double pedal section and the general enthusiam you have for the drums are all inspiring.

Tears Of Joy is pure ball-breaking drumming (I'm still getting my head ariound the 13/8 groove) and I really appreciated you expalining the Weckl fills, which have puzzled me for years.

I also finally got an iPod and downloaded Gavin Harrison's Drop album, so my house was wall to wall with heavyweight drumming over the festive period!

So best wishes for 2009, Todd.

You deserve all the success and publicity you're getting...

PS Looking forward to the MD 2008 Festival DVD. Any idea when it's out?
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