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Default Re: Cool Jobs of Forum Members

Originally Posted by hawk9290 View Post
172's primarily because their cheap to rent and about all I can get easy access to in Phoenix.
Do you do any commercial operations or just occasional paid flights?
I'm not Commercial rated. Life gets in the way of making that happen though I did pull off my IFR and Multi-Engine a few years ago. My dream is to get my commercial rating and do island hoppers for some tiny company to and from the Bahamas. I know alot of guys who do those trips in single engines and IMO they are out of thier minds to even try it. I know 2 people that died last year from doing it.

A friend of mine owns a King Air 350 (rich guy who owns an FBO) and I get to fly left seat every now and then, though I tend to find that the B200 is more economical and easier to handle... go figure.

I still love the 172 and the 150. Great aircraft. I used to work for Piper a number of years ago and I got behind the Malibu Meridian a few times, man is that thing tight. I love it.
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