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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

I first saw Jimmy on the Pumkins' "Gish" tour. The album had just come out and they were playing little venues. Me and my friends got to the club, (which was a hole in wall below street level) 3 hours early cause the bar was open and they had this awsome bowling machine. Anyway, The pumpkins arrive and set up and soundcheck, then the opening act who's name I can't even remember now. Jimmy goes straight to the bar after soundcheck and starts knocking 'em back one after another. We "bowled" for 2 hours and he's there the whole time getting plowed. Opening act starts, they suck so we bowl some more. Jimmy's still at the bar. Finally it's time for the Pumpkins to start and he gets up, slowly walks to the tiny stage, sits down and blows my freaking mind away! I don't know how he did it but it was one of the 5 best concerts I've ever seen. A phenomenal drummer.

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