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Default Re: A short first one

Originally Posted by nate View Post
hey....i'm don't think you can change the framerate once you've shot it.... i think 23.97 is an NTSC frame rate - but you Germans use PAL (i do too, and you guys invented it...) Film is 24fps everywhere. I[ve found 24p i've found looks the best, but it also depends on the camera....

i'm guessing 29.97 is NTSC trying to do 30fps...
The PAL i think uses 24fps and it's the same format used in the UK too. The North American NTSC system is 30 or 29.97 fps. The reason they're different is because American electricity fluctuates direction at a higher frequency than European power so TVs have different refresh rates (although PC monitors don't) and therefore a different frame rate is required so that it doesn't look ridiculous.
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