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Default Re: A short first one

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Great that you mention the framerate nate. I wasn`t sure about this especially, so I`ll involve that into my next little project.

Some questions: Can I change the framerate to 24 with Adobe AE? Also, what`s the difference between 24 and 23.97...... fps? I`ve seen that in AE I think. There`s also 29.97, what`s the difference, does it have an effect?
And how should I zoom in and out?

hey....i'm don't think you can change the framerate once you've shot it.... i think 23.97 is an NTSC frame rate - but you Germans use PAL (i do too, and you guys invented it...) Film is 24fps everywhere. I[ve found 24p i've found looks the best, but it also depends on the camera....

i'm guessing 29.97 is NTSC trying to do 30fps...

make sure when you edit the project is set to PAL settings not NTSC - that why your getting these odd frame rates..

zooming...hmmmm...i bet it's really tricky on such a small camera, and i think zooms' can be a bit tacky, but everything has it's depends what your making.

a good method to use (if you camera allows this) is to compose the shot, the wide 1st - the zoom in to your close up - focus the camera on this point, then zoom back out to the wide. hit rec. then when shooting - you zoom in you'll be in focus....

a nice trick in editing, if you can't shot progressive is to remove a field (every fame has 2 fields) to give it that look....but it really comes down to what you play about have fun..
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