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Default Re: A short first one

Wow, thanks sooo much nate and ddamm! These are great great tips which I didn`t know or wasn`t sure about.
Great that you mention the framerate nate. I wasn`t sure about this especially, so I`ll involve that into my next little project. It`s right that I`m from photography, I prefer to work with stills indeed. Even when filming a dialogue I try to work with some stills (other images that reveal more about the plot, atmosphere etc.) while someone is talking.

Some questions: Can I change the framerate to 24 with Adobe AE? Also, what`s the difference between 24 and 23.97...... fps? I`ve seen that in AE I think. There`s also 29.97, what`s the difference, does it have an effect?
And how should I zoom in and out?

Thanks for your help!!


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