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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

On another note, what ever happened to the unofficial Steve Gadd website that Stan Mulder ran for years (Bernhard even had a link for it on the Gadd page). That was the most informative website for a single drummer.
It seems that Stan shut the website down about a month after the Official Steve Gadd website opened up (which was not too long ago).
I remember reading on his website that it was news to him that an official Gadd website opened up. In my opinion this was a slap in the face to him. Here he was, the first person to run a Steve Gadd website for the last 7-8 years and showed great loyalty, only to find out that an official Gadd website opened up.
If they wanted an official site who better to run it then Stan? in my opinion i believe Stan should of been given that honor, especially for all the hard work he had put into that website for all those years.......... i guess i cant blame him for shutting it down..... no respect i tell you... no respect.
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