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Default Re: What was the last CD (or Record) that you bought or had bought for you?

Originally Posted by Aggressivec View Post
What did you think of them iwilliams? I havent heard all of Black Ice, but from what I have heard it is great. I know that AC/DC's consictancy is amazing, so I'm assuming that the whole album is great. With Death Magnetic, I really hated what I have heard. They have strayed so far from the original Thrash sound that any attempt to re-create it really wont cut it for me. Plus, there is so much better thrash that I could listen to (Municipal Waste, Lamb of God, Slayer, etc) that I could listen to instead of a band that had it's day in the 80's try to re-create themselves. I dunno, just my two cents.
Hello, Aggressivec.

AC/DC's Black Ice, some people love / hate it, I love it. They keep that traditional riff and clean guitar sound, some drum fills, groovy time-keeping, ripping voice, good bass. It works really fine for AC/DC, they have survived through the years, instead of other bands that they climb so high and fall so low, in a flip of the fingers.

METALLICA: I like Kill Em' All, Ride The Lightning, Garage Days. For some reason, they are missing or lacking something.

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