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Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
I was watching this video of Buddy Rich doing a solo or something, and some of the comments below were like, "Travis Barker could beat his butt (the censored word) if Buddy was still alive..." and all this junk. That is what makes me mad is when non-drummers compare Barker to the old school drummers like Buddy and say that Travis can beat him. You can't compare different genres of music. Of course Travis would be better at pop and rock then Buddy, but Buddy has got him down on the old school kind of music like jazz.
Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

But yeah Travis is a really good drummer, and definably creative. He can create the new stuff, but the drummers that have seen him play the stuff can probably play the same stuff. The only plus for Travis is that HE created the grooves and stuff. If that makes sense...tell me if it doesn't and I will try to explain better.
Most drummers cringe at the thought of comparing these guys. You can't.
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