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Default A short first one

Hey friends!
For christmas I got a Samsung NV24 HD camera. I`ve always wanted to make my own little "compositions" but my parent`s camera wasn`t made for that.

I love to take photos and make movies as I think that these are special ways to keep a moment, an expression, a situation.
Of course I`d rather sit behind my kit, practicing...still it`s wonderful to play with perspectives, sounds, atmospheres and moods.

I`ve recorded the clips in 1280x720p at 30 fps...unfortunately through editing the video with Adobe After Effects and Movie Maker there was a big quality loss and the original (very nice looking) 16:9 wide screen format was lost somewhere between encoding and Movie Maker. :-)

Well, as for the short film`s kind of horror but the psychological key is that you have to imagine. Just 2 minutes, I plan to do more after I got an SD-card.

Criticism/tips are very welcome!

Best wishes and merry christmas...


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