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Default Re: So.. what are you the most passionate about?

Originally Posted by anth_ony View Post

My current life has revolved around this sort of.. philosophy, I guess, of simply "being". So.. being passionate about "being"? It makes sense, right? (expressing what is true to me, etc.) How awesome is that?

I know this isn't an uncommon thought, but it's probably healthy to think about from time to time. Care to share your passions?

Its a great question to ask yourself. I think it helps sharply focus what it is that you want to do on this earth. The lucky ones get to do things they are deeply passionate about and therein lies the secret of a satisfying life.

The semi-lucky ones ( I wont call them unlucky because I fall in this category..), spend a lifetime looking for passion.

A person of artistic inclinations ,imo, is more dependant on passion than a lets say, a chartered accountant.

My problem is that I'm passionate about too many things which often frustrates me. Its like spreading the jam too thin on the toast. I'd love to be able to be completely absorbed in music, but alas, life gets in the way.. its pushes , pulls etc...

For me balancing passion, with responsibilities, personal values and the circle of life.

" Who am I and what am I doing here". Answer that truthfully to yourself and you might get a glimpse of the road to your passion.

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