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Default Re: learning a second instrument

I've wanted to play the piano a good bit after I started playing the drums. Like you, I wanted to learn how to read music and get to see what the other musicians see. I messed around with it, but never took lessons or anything. But recently, I took one guitar lesson, to see if I would like playing the guitar or not. The teacher showed me, and wrote down 8 chords for me to learn. Of course I didn't learn it all in that night, but the next couple of days or so, I knew them. It's pretty easy to learn those eight chords.

But I do agree with you, a lot of more people know how to play the guitar decently atleast, then drumming. I did want to learn a second instrument though. So I guess you would say that the guitar is my second.

The piano would be better to read the music with most likely though.
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