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Default The Ripple Factor

Tough day today...please pardon my sharing this with all of you...

I spent Christmas Eve, “eve” 2008 attending the funeral of the 25 year old son of a co-worker and friend. No one should die at age 25 and no one should die at Christmas. No one should leave that memory to two little children. Christmas is a time of birth, a time of celebration, a time of childlike wonder, not a time of grief and sorrow.

Looking around at all of the people who came to say goodbye it struck me how interconnected people become. Like life is a big pond and everyone who comes into our lives causes a ripple. Some with a big splash, some with the gentleness of a raindrop. Some start close by and some far away on the other side of the pond. Some ripples we see and some we may never notice but they are all a part of our pond.

All of those ripples spread out, concentric circles spreading until in time they each reach their own end as they reach the shore. Life is like that for sure. We never know how our ripples will spread, how they may affect other ripples sometimes changing their course, sometimes simply quickly and gently brushing by on their journey.

What waits for us when we all arrive at that shore? Is it a distant shore or will reach the end of our rippling journey in only a short time. I have my beliefs; I know you may have yours. Will we know what effect we may have had on others as we ripple across the pond? I hope so, I hope to see all those who I love and whom I have loved standing there waiting for me on that shore.

So as you all prepare to celebrate Christmas this year or perhaps simply acknowledge the passing of another year, think about those who you love, those who you miss, and those whose lives have touched yours as you have touched theirs. Never take it for granted and always try to take some time simply to watch the ripples.
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