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Originally Posted by intheruff View Post
Hey Mike, welcome aboard. Its great to have found this site with so many great drummers willing to share their experience and give advice when asked. My question is with regards to improving speed and CONTROL on the bd. I'm using DW 4000 pedals, yet more often than not my single stroke bd rolls sound like a herd of buffalo stampeding down the stairs. The rolls seem to be better, smoother, when playing at faster speeds (32nds at 80bpm), however after about four measures they begin to lop, and generally go downhill from there. I've begun to use John F's 'elements' to help with the control bit and hope that will help. Any advice on how I might resolve the buffalo effect while also improving speed? Also, I got a dvd from one of your countrymen that explains and demonstrates his idea of the heel/toe technique, where each beater is hitting twice, a double stroke roll. Do you use this technique, or I'm I beating my head against a rock trying to learn this difficult approach? I notice Roddy and Sucherman use single stroke exclusively, or at least that's how I understand it. Thanks for any advice and will look forward to visiting your thread on a regular basis.
Slow and steady wins the race forsure man... do whatever tempo u can for around 5-15 minute sessions... also... if you're looking to work smarter instead of harder...try "Pressed Doubles"... i'll elaborate more soon!!!

Happy Holidays D-World!!!


PS -vids coming soon...
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