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Default Happy Holidays - now DOWNLOAD!!!

Hey folks,

I have two “Christmas presents” available at my website starting sometime tomorrow, December 24th (and onward):

One is the audio from my Trio’s final day of rehearsal for the MD Drum Fest. It comprises of 8 songs, recorded simply but accurately through two mics.
The other is a video download of some of the songs from our long set at The Cutting Room in New York City, taped two days before our Festival appearance.

Each of these two downloads displays a lot of what I am doing when I play this music than perhaps anything else that’s ever been out there in public!

I am very excited about these two releases and hope you check them out. They are available as “pay what you want” downloads (ala Radiohead).

I also posted something like this in the general area, so mods, please delete if there is anything inappropriate.

There will be a link on my home page, but right now, you can view it here:

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
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