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Default Re: the "how" thread

Music- Genesis. I saw them live in '92 at Knebworth. Chester Thompson and Phil Collins do a drum duet. You can find it on either of thier pages on DW. I have a diverse rangle of musical tastes...anything from Pantera to The Police. I used to DJ also and done a lot of house, techno, drum 'n' bass and hip hop sets at partys/small clubs.

Drummer- Phil Collins & Chester Thompson as mentioned above. After seeing them and the roar it got from the crowd I started drum lessons 3 weeks later at school.

Person- I would say my mum and dad as they supported me, bought me my first kit (which I still own) and dad helped me transport my gear around during my early gigging days.

Style- Anything with a groove. my first teacher was more geared towards latin/jazz/funk so his emphasis on the groove was paramount in shaping me. I also like playing rock and drum 'n' bass type stuff. I have been told that I have a solid groove and play like a natural. In some ways I think that hinders my technical ability but i'm getting to grips with playing faster and more complicated stuff with practice. I also play the bass and keyboard and have been writing a lot of my own material using them as it allows me to write rhythmicly.

Inspirations- All of the great drummers. I try and keep an open mind as somethings that certain types of drummers do cross over into other styles. But I would say the people I draw the most from are Jo Jo Mayer, Stewart Copeland, Jeff Pocaro, Steve Gadd, Brad Wilk, Matt Cameron and Neil Peart
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