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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
true. we will never know the exact mix though. but someone in the biography said they saw bonzo sit down behind a child's drumkit and 'the sound was there, bonham all the way' from my research bonzo really did do a lot to getting his signature sound, both in terms of how he hit the drums and how he tuned them.
It's really worth trying to actually figure out some of the hitting techniques that a few of the more identifiable drum sound "identities" (Elvin, Tony, Bonzo, etc) use to actually draw their tone from the drum. I've been having a Tony Williams month, trying to cop as many of the little tricks that Tony used in terms of sound and then apply them in other musical context (like hip-hop playing, for example). It's quite fun - some stuff works, some doesn't. But if you try playing around you can really find ways to get just pure sound out of drums that sounds like these guys.

Needless to say I can't even come close to sounding like a Tony clone, but it's good fun to try.
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