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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
true. we will never know the exact mix though. but someone in the biography said they saw bonzo sit down behind a child's drumkit and 'the sound was there, bonham all the way' from my research bonzo really did do a lot to getting his signature sound, both in terms of how he hit the drums and how he tuned them.
no doubt jimi and other producers and techs they worked with enhanced his sound. but bonzo was enough an ego man to insist on his approval of their work which in a way boils down to them all being a highly interactive team. as we all should opperate when it comes to studio work....drummer provides good raw material, techs refine it, drummer listens and gives his approval or critiscisms, further tweaking occours until all parties are happy.

I understand the reservation. When we got used to timeless classic riffs, and sounds- we cannot picture another sound in our mind. Nothing else will do.

However, because of the genius at the core of Zeppplin as a group...I think Appice could have laid down a punishingly powerful foundation that would have served the music...albiet in a different flavor.

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