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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

Originally Posted by Crusto 62 View Post
4 pairs Pro mark 747 rock w/t

2 pairs nova 5b w/t

1 pair nova 5a w/t

1 pair hot rods

1 pair regal tip blasticks

1 pair LP brushes

1 pair vintage no name brushes

1 pair mallets

3 tuning keys

1 small torque key

1 tin moongel

1 pkt lug locks

6 cymbal savers

1 allen key

6 pairs ear plugs

1 pair sweat bands

1 pkt chewing gum

1 $10 note ( nothing worse than getting to the gig and you forgot your money ).
In my stick bag i have
1 pair Vicfirth X5B WT
1 Pair Vicfirth Rute 606
1PairPro max brushes (Retacted ones) signatue by Dan Alnajes
1 Promark 5A NT
1pair Ludwig 5B NT
Promark Johnny Rabb series
and thats it
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