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Default Re: Remembering Darrell Abbot (Dimebag)

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
and it's the director of social services, a woman who went into her job to try and save people who gets all of the public rage directed at her, there have been death threats to kill her own 2 year old daughter. So all i am saying is that these services probably do need to be sorted but there is still this little thing called "personal responsibility" that everyone seems to have forgotten about these days where everything seems to be spoon-fed into their brains.

I'm liking the avatar btw ;)
Yeah, that is ridiculous. Come on, what does her 2-year-old daughter have to with it? The people making those threats are every bit as bad as the murderers. And in the end it's the person's responsibility to reach out for help.

On a lighter note, thanks for the avatar comment. I've been an actual Chuck fan since junior high in the Walker days.Some years ago I was getting familiar with Adobe Illustrator (I'm a graphic designer) and I manually traced a photo of Chuck (with the newer versions you can just do AutoTrace, but this is way cooler). I think it turned out totally awesome (looks like a Grand Theft Auto drawing), so it was an obvious choice for an avatar.
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