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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
yes. since my last post i've gone and had a listen to vanilla fudge. while carmine had the chops he didn't really have the special sound. its boils down to a matter of taste i guess.
but most of all bonham is a communicator. the more i listen to drummers the more i hear it...some of us do the job exceptionally well and if you analysed the results with musical criteria you would judge the drumming as excellent. but then along comes drummers with sometimes even far less chops but there is an element that i hesitate to call 'magic'. something about the expression and personality that they show through their choices.
bonham was and is one of the all time untouchable drummers because of this. you get a sense from him that when he is playing, studio or live, that he is having fun...he is damn good and he knows it. he is everything i want to be as a drummer.
he has that element of drumming skill which i would argue cannot be practiced or taught or even adequately described. i would rather have this element of bonham in my drumming than all of thomas lang's chops or all of mangini's speed.

Wasn't Bonzo's "special sound" also attributable to his bandmates and soundmen who helped develop it? (IE drumkit in the stairwell?)
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