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Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
No, a chatbox page would basically be free, because Google ads (especially on a huge site like this) are extremely profitable.

Plus, it really would be a HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEE help for people who just have a quick question, like "which is better," or something like that, and don't want to waste an entire thread.
True. But come to think of it: because of the random nature of what you can ask / say on a chatbox I can also see it going horribly wrong, e.g. if the chatbox is flooded with people not only asking random questions, but also giving random answers and making random statements, like you see people on youtube sometimes do (e.g. you blow, this sucks, portnoy would have done a better job, I want my mommy, plus one!!1!11, bonham is god etc.). A quality chatbox should be moderated whenever it's open to prevent this from happening. That might add quite a lot to the cost of a chatbox - there aren't many people who will moderate a chatbox for hours on end for no money at all.
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