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Originally Posted by drummer girl09 View Post
Does any one know much on this guy? He's ok, I've seen a couple vids on him. One of the vids was just mainly percussion I thought, and with his interview. The other, was a vid on here, and he just does what it seems to me, like a bunch of fils you would do to end a song...which was good, but he calls himself a "rock drummer" and I haven't seen any real rock drumming except for the two minute fils he played which showed no technique at all, I think. Just him hittin the stuff really fast. Any one else have an opinion on him?
He's ok?! "Just mainly percussion" "Just him hittin the stuff really fast"

Have you even seen the man's independence?! It's ridiculous! And i don't know where you got "Just him hittin the stuff really fast" from! He's one of the most musical drummers out there!

Ps. He can get a little bit sloppy sometimes, though.
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