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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by baz View Post
...Stan, the nicest sounding 10" tom I ever played was my 10x9" Canwood.

When I had this kit, I played the 10, and 14" toms with a 13x5" snare. I sold these drums around six years ago, and since then, my taste has evolved to the warmer boomier sound that I get from the bigger toms.

maybe one day I will reaquire an appreciation for the smaller toms.


I joined the four by four club. When do I get the secret handshake ?


I'll bet that 10" Canwood beauty sang a very happy tune Barry:} Still have my old Canwood kit.

It's just a personal preference kind of thing when it comes to certain size drums for me at the moment based on what I hear in the music with other instruments. Right now the character and voice of my 10"x8" bubinga tom just fits the mix in the acoustic music I play in a unique sort of way. Up till recently i've always stayed with primarily a 12" tom only in my jazz setup. The 10" is just something my ear is enjoying at present adding a new color that seems to fit very nicely in the overall blend both live or in the studio.

P.S. Zambizzi will PM you the secret handshake :}

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