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Default Re: Show us your Four Piece Kits.

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Well i'll still sing the praise of 10" toms :}

My 10" 9 ply bubinga tom sounds amazing in acoustic jazz situations in particular. Much bigger in sound, richer in tone and deeper sounding in pitch than any other 10" i've heard and at mid level pitch tuning sings a wonderful clear open note voice into the general character of the overall open tuning of the complete jazz kit for the music I perform and record.
...Stan, the nicest sounding 10" tom I ever played was my 10x9" Canwood.

When I had this kit, I played the 10, and 14" toms with a 13x5" snare. I sold these drums around six years ago, and since then, my taste has evolved to the warmer boomier sound that I get from the bigger toms.

maybe one day I will reaquire an appreciation for the smaller toms.


I joined the four by four club. When do I get the secret handshake ?


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