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Default Re: Echoes, by Pink Floyd

I play more guitar, but I'm a better drummer - although give it about a year and we might see the swap around. I'm a decent rhythm player but I can't play lead to save my life - nor do I particularly want to actually. Acoustic is my usual gigging weapon and occasionally I break out the fingerpicking...

I have a friend in a neo-shoegaze band who has a reissue AC30. Phenomenal bit of kit - I want one and there is actually one for sale in an old TV repair shop down the road from me; although I haven't checked if it's still there and it's probably in a state and I kind of need one with a master volume, so that cancels out the original release. I'm tempted by an AC15, too... and getting a little Danelectro guitar.

That's actually the bit I'm talking about. During the funky section when Gilmour first unleashes that one lick. Good God... if I could play like that I would officially be a deity.
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