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Default Re: Echoes, by Pink Floyd

I tend to watch Part 1 more, just because of those killer 5 seconds or so when Gilmour first breaks the sound out of his Strat. I got a Start last year and tried to get a Gilmour out of it. Bizarrely it only happened when I plugged it into an AC30. Straight away, the sound that I've wanted for a few years just happening.

Oh. And I'm buying a Big Muff at some point for some serious fuzz. I'm using a Zakk Wylde Overdrive at the moment that is actually really great (on the clean channels) at raunchy, twangy overdrive. Slapback delay and some single coils and you're actually in Psychedelic heaven. Astronomy Domine gets broken out a lot when I play my Strat.
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